Important Participant Information

Welcome to Confratute!

We are thrilled you will be joining us for our second virtual event and 44th Confratute.


SIGNING INTO THE CONFERENCE: By Thursday, July 7th you will receive an email from with information on how to access the event platform. You will then be able to log in to our virtual Confratute, view daily agendas, session information, and other important information. You will also have the opportunity to create your attendee profile and personalized schedule. If you do not receive an email by Thursday, July 7th, please check your SPAM folder, and then contact us at

Please log in prior to July 11th and view our Welcome Video, which will provide an overview of important information.


DETERMINING YOUR CONFRATUTE GOALS: To help you reflect on your educational or professional goals before arriving at Confratute, we encourage you to download and complete the Adult Interest-A-Lyzer available here. You are not expected to turn in the Interest-A-Lyzer. The instrument is designed to help you examine and articulate your ideas about personal and professional interests to assist you in determining which Confratute experiences will be most professionally relevant for you.


STRAND SELECTION: You do not need to register for strands or special sessions in advance. We strongly encourage reviewing strand offerings prior to the start of Confratute. If you would like to discuss strand selection, please contact us at for more information. Strand offerings can be found on our website and in the event platform.

Please note: Strands are three-day sessions. Once you choose your strand for each block, you should attend that strand on all days of the conference. You can attend up to three strands live.


PURCHASING BOOKS: Some strands have recommended books that will support your learning. Please visit our website for information on recommended books and how to purchase at a discounted price.


SPECIAL TOPIC SESSIONS: These are 1-hour sessions offered on Monday and Tuesday from 3:30–4:30 PM. To view the special topic offerings, visit our website.


EVENT RECORDINGS:  All sessions will be recorded unless specifically noted. Following the event, you will have access to recordings of most sessions. These will be available directly in the event platform and will be available for 60 days following the event.


PLATFORM SUPPORT: For information on navigating the platform or using Zoom please visit the Support tab in the event platform. For additional platform support, please contact


CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: Registered participants will be able to download and print a certificate of attendance. This will be available through the event platform homepage.


BILLING AND PAYMENTS: Credit card payments or purchase orders must be received prior to the start of the conference. For questions related to billing, contact


CONFRATUTE FOR CREDIT AND CONTACT HOURS: Confratute can be taken for graduate credit or contact hours. Click here for more information on these options.


VIRTUAL MEETINGS WITH STRAND COORDINATORS: Strand Coordinators are available for individual and small group meetings. Chat or email with your strand coordinator to schedule a meeting.



Save the Date: July 9–14, 2023


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