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Prufrock Press is pleased to offer a generous discount on selected books to Confratute participants. Below you will find the books recommended for individual strands as well as some additional titles from strand coordinators.


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Recommended for participation in Strand 1: Schoolwide Enrichment Model—Joseph Renzulli & Sally Reis:


Recommended for participation in Strand 6: Enrichment Clusters: A Practical Plan for Real-World, Student-Driven Learning—Marcia Gentry:


Recommended for participation in Strand 11: Curriculum Compacting and Differentiation in the Mixed-Ability Classroom (Grades K – 6)—Cindy Gilson:


Recommended to compliment Strand 4: Understanding Underachievement and Increasing Student Motivation—Del Siegle:


Recommended to compliment Strand 5: Brains Wired Differently: Understanding and Supporting 2e Students—Susan Baum:


Recommended to compliment Strand 7: Creating Positive Social and Emotional Environments for Talented Students—Thomas Hébert: