Keynotes 2021

Monday, July 12th
9:00 AM EDT
Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis
Using Strength-Based Pedagogy to Engage and Challenge All Students

This keynote will provide an overview of the exciting and positive Schoolwide Enrichment Model pedagogy that underlies much of the academic program of Confratute. Strength-based pedagogy enables teachers to use strengths and interests to help develop talents in a broad range of students, even those with disabilities. What is this pedagogy and how can it be implemented to help students identify their interests and strengths? Specific recent research results will be shared about how we can support the academic strengths and interests of all students and help them realize their potential for using their talents to make the world a better place.


3:30 PM EDT
Marcia Gentry
Diversifying Gifted Programs Benefits Everyone! Individual Educators Are Key to Reversing Years of Underrepresentation

This keynote will address what exists in the field with regard to access, equity, and missingness of diverse youth from gifted education programs. Data from the recent report, Access Denied will be shared along with information on how to examine your own school or district data. Specifically, data on equity and missingness by race, school type, and locale for every state will be highlighted. This will be followed by real, relevant, and revolutionary actions each educator can take to reverse these longstanding inequities in gifted education to the benefit of students, programs, and communities.


Tuesday, July 13th
9:00 AM EDT
Del Siegle
Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree With Academic Challenge?

The first thing educators of the gifted are often told is that they must provide students with academic challenge. However, many talented students don't embrace the academic challenges educators offer. Students seem to want more. We'll discuss what makes learning more meaningful. Meaningful learning includes academic challenge, but it includes much more.


3:30 PM EDT
Susan Baum
Cognitive Diversity and Gifted Education: The Dilemma of the Gifted Child With a Uniquely Wired Brain

Unfortunately, the common view of who is gifted and how those students should be served is myopic and limits the ways we identify and nurture giftedness. Through case studies, we will come to understand the gifts and talents of those bright students with ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD and how to support their success in the classroom.


Wednesday, July 14th
9:00 AM EDT
Rachel McAnallen
Gifted Education: Be Careful, It May Change You

For over 60 years, Rachel McAnallen has taught the wonderful world of mathematics to all types of learners. Many, many students had a profound influence on her teaching and helped her understand diverse learning styles. She found using manipulatives with learners required a different classroom management style and extremely gifted students forced McAnallen to understand mathematics at a deeper level. This session will be stories of kids who have helped Rachel become a lifelong learner and in turn, a better teacher. The session may also help the viewers understand the conceptual model vs the procedural model for teaching mathematics.


3:30 PM EDT
Sandra Kaplan
Challenge: Why, What, and How

The description and implementation of a "challenge" for gifted students changes with time. The factors that define a "challenge" in today's social, cultural, and intellectual environments will be presented.