Virtual Visit to Confratute


Watch this video for a taste of the Confratute experience.

Some of our past participants share their experiences and some of the skills they learned at past Confratutes. The short videos of some fond memories of participants' experiences at UConn will hopefully encourage others to think about joining us for Confratute.

Click on one of the following links for a Virtual Visit to Confratute!

Enrichment Clusters (SEM)
J. J. Harris Elementary Charter School (5.16 Min.)

Schoolwide Enrichment Model
Round Rock ISD (5.19 Min.)

Schoolwide Enrichment Model
Evans Elementary 1st Grade (2.29 Min.)

Ascent Academies of Utah - Lehi Campus Introduction Video
(8.32 min.)

Anything Confratute 2013
Brian Farley, PS/MS 188 The Island School, NY (5.3 min)

Confratute 2009 Week 1
Confratute (Conference, Fraternity, Institute) is held every summer at the Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut... by grammarrocker (6.51 min.)

My Confratute
Google Search – Confratute, by detmarj (35 sec.)

Confratute 2011
Hall County Educators participated in University of Connecticut's Confratute – created at by KCMellette (3.18 min.)

Confratute 2007 – Shadow Puppet Project
This is our project created in Kris Berman's strand "The Art of the Shadow Puppet: The ultimate Classroom Tool." Shadow Puppet Theater offers classroom teachers a magical way to motivate children to enter into rigorous explorations of the art and mechanics of literature, of theater, mechanical engineering, collaboration, and the visual and music arts. It struck me as being an extremely useful strategy for providing differentiated learning and curriculum development! Our team was exploring a science theme as we thought a first or second grade might as they study the life cycle of a butterfly. Four people were on the team...two hidden behind the screen. By WaddellSchool (2.11 min.)

What a Wonderful World
What a Wonderful World" at the University of Connecticut's 30th Confratute (2007), a two-week long celebration of gifted teaching and learning. Thanks a two-week long celebration of gifted teaching and learning. Thanks Hannah and Ben!... by joehoya3616 (3.31 min.)

Where Do I Fit In?
Confratute 2007 Animation Class uploaded by ScottLegacy on Jul 21, 2007 (1.32 min.)