Renzulli Academies


Sally Reis and Joe Renzulli

Confratute is our favorite professional development opportunity of the year as each summer we meet such interesting and committed professionals from across the world. Joe and I are very excited about the SEM strand because we hope that more schools and districts will implement talent development programs based on the SEM after attending Confratute. SEM can be implemented as a gifted or enrichment programs, as a magnet or theme schools, or as a part of a general education classroom or school. One new outgrowth of SEM has been the development of Renzulli Academies, either schools within schools, or separate schools using all components of SEM.

During the last decade, over 45 Renzulli Academies have been developed in the United States and other countries, focusing on using SEM pedagogy for high potential students and these schools have been successful at ensuring high academic achievement as well as creating many opportunities for student and teacher creative productivity.

Renzulli Academies incorporate all components of the SEM and are designed for students who are passionate about learning and capable of advanced and creative performance in school. Students who attend academies are academically talented, task-committed, and curious. Especially important are recruiting original thinkers and students who are open to discovering their talents in a creative educational and those who are interested in innovation and creativity. We will be discussing new components of the SEM in our strand, including Renzulli Academies, and hope some of you can join us in the strand to learn about the SEM and how to apply it. Please check out the website for the Hartford CT Renzulli Academy below: