Confratute in General


Joe Renzulli

I think our time has come! Endless reports about what business and industry are looking for in young people to get on the fast track for top level jobs are exactly the kinds of things we have been talking about at Confratute for the past four decades. With dramatic changes in technology advancing at an astonishing pace, tomorrow's workplace will be unrecognizable and constantly changing. Learning-how-to-learn is going to be a lifelong requirement for our most successful young people who are prepared with the tools our workplaces are looking for such as: creativity, thinking skills, entrepreneurship, communication, innovation, collaboration, planning, optimism, empathy, and other executive function skills. Most important, it is not just learning these skills, but providing young people with opportunities to apply these skills to real world problems in their areas of passion and interest that makes the biggest impact. Our focus at Confratute is showing how our "brand" of learning differs from the test-prep approaches that other school reformers are talking about. We hope you can join us to learn about this brand, focused on developing the gifts and talents of all students and providing talent development opportunities in all schools.