Academic Credit for Confratute

Confratute can be taken for graduate credit and is fully accredited in Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut, earning you three (3) graduate credits in either EPSY 5195: Workshop in Education or EPSY 5198: Curriculum Lab. Additionally, all of our strands for Confratute are offered through the Educational Psychology Gifted and Talented Department at the University of Connecticut and may be considered for purposes of teacher certification in the field of gifted in some states.


Application and payment for graduate credit is accepted in Command Central Tuesday through Friday. Application for credit after the conclusion of Confratute is not accepted. Payment for academic credit is a separate, additional cost beyond the Confratute registration fee. A tuition fee in the amount of $2,289.00 for three (3) graduate credits is due when you apply. An additional one-time enrollment fee of $65.00 and a Technology Fee of $30.00 are required for non-degree students. Degree students pay an additional enrollment fee of $45.00 and other activity fees as required. Payment is to be made by cash, check, money order, purchase order, credit card, or electronic check.

Students (via the Student Administration System) and Authorized Users (via the E-bill and Payment Suite) can make a payment with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, BC Card, DinaCard and Diner’s Club. Participants paying by credit card will have to provide a home e-mail address to be e-billed. Degree students will pay directly in their PeopleSoft Financials account. *A 2.75% convenience fee will apply to your transaction and is required to offset the expense of offering credit cards as a payment option and is paid directly to the credit card processor. Participants can pay by electronic check to avoid the credit card transaction fee. 


Participants who register and pay for graduate credit will select a strand as their “major” and work independently with their strand coordinator to develop an independent project or product to fulfill the requirements for earning credit in either EPSY 5195: Workshop in Education or EPSY 5198: Curriculum Lab. Guidelines for product development will be discussed in each strand and will be included in the information you receive when you arrive at Confratute. Complete the product and submit it to the strand coordinator during Confratute to have your grade submitted to the Registrar. If you wish to have your coordinator return your project, enclose an envelope addressed to you with sufficient postage. The cover page of your project should be a copy of your approved Management Plan, which is included in your participant packet. Should you need your grade submitted prior to October 1, 2017, please inform your strand coordinator and request that your grade be submitted early. Products or projects not completed by the end of Confratute must be completed and grades submitted by the instructor within one year of application.

Transcripts can be requested through the Registrar’s website at There is no fee for this transcript service.


International applicants must meet the English proficiency requirements for international students posted on the graduate school’s webpage, if interested in applying for graduate level credit as non-degree students.  International students who will earn credit for Confratute must apply for an F-1 visa to participate in the program. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) issues the Form I-20 that is needed to apply for an F-1 visa.  See for information, forms, and procedures.  The I-20 request form and Financial Declaration Forms must be completed 2 months before arriving to campus.  You will be required to check-in with ISSS and read a summary of the F-1 visa regulations upon your arrival at UConn.  You will be in violation of your F-1 visa if you do not check in with ISSS.


Attendees can earn a maximum of 34 contact hours of participation at Confratute by attending a full schedule of keynotes, strands, special topic sessions, and other activities. To receive contact hours, A Planning and Documentation Guide must be completed and returned to the Credit Desk at Command Central before you leave Confratute. You may NOT receive both academic credit and contact hours from UConn for Confratute. The Contact Hours given by the State of Connecticut may or may not be honored by other state agencies. More details will be provided in the schedule of events you will receive upon arrival to Confratute.